SALES SNIPERS is a UK company specialized in sales automation with an aim to obtain Customers abroad.




We undertook the establishment of the brand’s strategy and creative concept, development of its website and printed materials as well as current advertising services. The company supplied us with a clear objective: we want to show that we can obtain a Customer for you throughout the world. 

We created a general theme in the form of a sniper’s scope so as to indicate that Sales Snipers can precisely and effectively reach one’s dream Customer in any given part of the globe.

This simple sign become the leitmotif included in all advertising materials. At the same time, we also wanted to refrain from the scope’s negative connotation with war thanks to the use of colors and graphic motifs.




The company’s main goal is to link companies that operate in remote parts of the world.


Thus, in our communication we used the theme of a map with pictures of the most significant capitals of the world.


"Judgment vs data, data always win" or "Luck vs statistics, statistics always win" – this is the company’s motto.



It underlines that the firm conducts its operations based on profound data analyses and that the whole sales process is under full control. Large and visible quotes that contain a clear message perfectly fit into the creative concept that we created.


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