Minerets is a company from Saudi Arabia specialized in developing mobile applications for large companies and institutions.






The firm’s aim was to create an image that would be adequate to the size of a company that employs 60 persons and operates in 6 offices worldwide. From the very beginning of our co-operation, we agreed that Minerets’ communication ought to be based on graphics, photos and icons. “No one likes to ready nowadays” – we adhered to this assumption while working on the creation of the company’s image.

We decided in favor of expanding the color palette by orange, changing the font as well as introducing a plethora of photographs along with the characteristic motif of a circle associated with the WiFi sign used while developing mobile applications. Thus, the brand received a particular determinant that we consequently used in all developed projects.






Furthermore, we created a set of business cards, a 32-page long catalogue and a website that indicates the most important elements of the company’s offer. We introduced animated elements and large, visible graphics so that the site is now able to interest the receiver upon first contact.

The website’s crucial element consists of photographs on which we wished to present persons who have direct contact with technologies developed by Minerets. “Household brand for mobile Lifestyle” – this slogan appeared within the company’s communication with an aim to underline that its solutions stay close to both people and their surroundings.



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