We refreshed the image of the company which deals with aesthetic medicine.


Mediart clinic is a company operating in the area of medicine and cosmetic dentistry. Our goal was to reinvent the image of aesthetic medicine which is often associated with cosmetic surgery and it’s attendant artificiality. In the process of this rebranding we mainly concentrated on naturalness, health and humanity.

From the beginning we knew that we had to create something original which would enable the brand to stand out from the competition.


Therefore, the project "Metamorphosis" is designed to show the client how a subtle change in appearance (correction of lips, removing "valley of tears" under the eyes and reducing wrinkles) can improve their quality of life, not only by appearance but also by lifting one’s mood and self-confidence.

By creating a catalogue displaying "before" and "after" images and holding a professional photo session in an open space, the brand clearly began to be associated with naturalness as well as with a fresh and healthy appearance.

For the purpose of rebranding, the interior of the clinic was redesigned to reflect the new corporate image. The materials used in the project were natural woods, whitewash and numerous plants.

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