Our task was to freshen the image of the company which provides complex customer service in the fields of technology, steering and electrical installations.

Along with this development, we were asked to create an image which would reflect the company’s aspirations, whilst maintaining the friendly and open character of the company.







The logo of the company alludes in a simple manner to the structure of it, which consists of three subsidiary companies operating together under the general brand of Induart Group. Each company has a different color - blue, gray and black. The aim of the task was to create a clear message that would illustrate the components of the company.



We have described every project carried out by Induart Group and created brief films which showing in a simple way each division challenges.

In the communication we abandoned the obvious outline of technological names by placing a man first, as the most important component of the programming process.







We know that one image is worth a thousand words.

We also took on the production of an advertising film, photographs and a series of product films. In the advertising spot apart from presenting what the company has to offer, we also managed to convey the main motto of the company – “A man is the most important component”.

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