We created Cut Cut brand from scratch, giving it an international character.

CUT CUT is a luxury hair salon, which in the future wants to open new ones in Germany and Switzerland. The company wanted us to create a brand with an international character, which will value during the foreign expansion.

The client repeatedly pointed out that haircut is a process, in-depth analysis of the hair and the conversation with the customer.

Therefore, we built a brand that referring to the geometry and mathematical formulas will communicate that haircut is something more than a simple service. We have compared a hairdresser to an architect who balances between engineering and art, because according to the owner such a person should be a modern stylist.

Our first task was to create a name.



Cut Cut meets all the requirements set by the customer – it is easy to remember and ringing a bell, giving big opportunities in communications and has a universal, international character, at the same time it is associated with the sound of scissors while cutting.


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