The ByteHeed company, with its main office in Bilbao, Spain, has reached out to us asking to create an advertisement for their most important product - Memory Guard.

Memory Guard allows to transfer cyber security into a completely new level. It is precisely that unmatched character and efficiency of action that they wanted to show in the video.

When working on the project, the biggest challenge for us was to find a metaphor which would explain the functioning of Memory Guard in an easy way.

We've decided for a city as a symbol of a system which ByteHeed is able to successfully protect. Our antagonist was a spider, able to evade traditional security systems.

The film presents how the city-system can create an illusion of itself, multiply, teleport, as well as control or isolate its parts.


We've tried to presents such abstract slogans with the use of simple actions such as duplicating a layer or simple transparency. The entire piece is made in a minimalist and approachable style.

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